Happy Asalha Buchan day!

Asalha Buchan Day is a public holiday in Thailand. The exact date of the holiday is depend on the waxing moon and the lunar months, usually ranging from July to August. This year, the holiday falls on July 5th.

Thailand is also known as the country of Buddhism, so this holiday is really important to Thai. In the past, this was a day when the Buddha gave his first sermon after his enlightenment.

Usually, Thai and Buddhists come to Pagoda on this day, for praying and offering food to monks or other forms of merit making throughout the day such as releasing birds or fish to redeem sins.

Some people may choose to observe the precepts, listen to a sermon to purify their minds and to seek internal and external happiness. In the evening, people walk around the temples with candles in their hands as usual on Buddhist holidays.

Particularly, the holiday has the presence of The King and important figures from the royal family. They attend the ceremony to make merit including offering candles and worshipping items to the monks, listening to the sermon, and offering food to 150 monks.

Because the pandemic is still complex, people attending the holiday are supposed to wear face masks to protect yourself and everyone.

Happy Asalha Buchan day!

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