Happy Thai Candle Festival 2020


Long years ago when there was no electricity, Thai would present candles to the monasteries to ensure the monks had light to study and meditate during the three-month long period of Buddhist Lent as known as Khao Phansa. Gradually, the action became Thai’s traditional custom and festival.  During this time, Many young thai men are ordained as monks also.

The Candle Festival, which marks the start of the wet season, takes place during Asalha Buchan and Khao Phansa days (the two important Buddhist events in Thailand). The events are highlighted by ceremonies and processions in the form of large-scale, colorful parades with extravagant candle wax sculptures as well as the traditional dance and music of the Thai people.

As a matter of fact, alcohol drinks won’t be sold during the festival, but there are lots of food and events such as Thai boxing contests and theatres instead.

Because the situation of covid epidemic is still happening, people attending the festival are supposed to bring face mask to protect everyone from the infection of the epidemic. 

Happy candle festival days!

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