The Hangar project is considered as one of the key projects invested with large investment amount. Upon completion, it is possible to meet the needs of repairing and maintaining aircrafts of various sizes.

In early 2019, quality steel structures were packed carefully to export to Thailand market. This marked an important milestone in the events taking place at the beginning of the year of World Steel Group.

World Steel cautiously aims at perfect production in every detail. With Hangar project, too, every delicate cutting line, smooth, precise millimeter details of construction process and erection are taken with great care ensuring free-trouble erection, shortening time and saving costs.

Steel structure exported to Thailand and other countries was considered as a big step over World Steel Group in breaking into large markets all over the world. It is also a clear evidence when manufacture and erection of World Steel Group maybe gradually hold the first position in our country and exporting to overseas.


Project Hangar
Field  Industry
Scope of work Design & Production
Country Thailand