Following the success of the export chain of steel structures, Worldsteel Group has confirmed its reputation in the international market, and Thailand is one of the markets that WorldSteel Group targets and exports the most to date.

The rapid development of the national economy as well as the integration with the world economy, especially in the industry of construction spurred the exports of steel structures to the potential countries increased many times.

In 2020, WorldSteel Group has also won many steel structure export contracts and Phuket House project is one of many projects that WorldSteel Group exports to Thailand.

The detailed technical requirements must be accurate to ensure the erection. Thanks to the experience and efforts of all the brothers at the factory, the project has completed on schedule, reaching technical standards through QA / QC tests.

Not only has a team of professional and skilled employees, WorldSteel Group is also the only company in Asia (up to the present time) to obtain IAS AC472 certificate on the standards of manufacturing and exporting steel structures to United States market.

Therefore, we are completely confident when we can complete any steel structure project, meeting all requirements from partners and customers.


Project Phuket House
Field  Industry
Scope of work Manufacture and transport of steel structures
Country Thailand