WorldSteel Group has been trusted by many Investors and contractors as the manufacturer of steel components, even complex components for large projects in Vietnam and the world market. Besides the domestic market, WorldSteel Group is also promoting exports to international markets such as Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, especially the US market – an extremely difficult market.

The works that we have done are proof of WorldSteel Group’s position in the field of steel structure. In particular, WorldSteel Group is extremely proud to be the only company in Asia to achieve IAS AC472 certificate – a very important certificate for an company to export steel structures to the US market.

From 2019 to now, WorldSteel Group has successfully exported a lot of structural steel products to international markets such as the Thailand, United States, Malaysia, Philippines, Guam Island, etc. This shows that WorldSteel Group products are increasingly covering more countries. Worldsteel Group is committed to bringing our customers the products and services with the most excellent quality.


Project SQM Factory
Field  Industry
Scope of work Design, production and transportation of steel structures
Country Thailand