TONGWEI Group is the number one Chinese company in the field of manufacturing aquatic feed. The group has more than 110 subsidiaries, distributed throughout China, Southeast Asia. Tien Giang Tongwei is a project has an area of 30,000m2, located at a key location. WorldSteel participated in the project with the role of general contractor to implement all items: office, warehouse, production tower.

Tien Giang Tongwei project is the basis for the next cooperation of Tongwei and WorldSteel Group. The main feature of the project is that the production tower section is 42m high and is completed by a crane so it makes the construction safer. After one year of implementation, the project was completed and put into operation. The investor was completely satisfied with the project that was handed over, trusted and continued to cooperate with WorldSteel to carry out the next projects in Vietnam such as Tongwei Hai Duong project and Tongwei Tien Giang expansion project.


Project Tongwei Group
General Contractor        WorldSteel Group
Field  Agriculture
Characteristics 7-storey production tower
Scope of work General Contractor
Location Long Giang Industrial Zone, Tien Giang.