2019 is the year marking many big structural steel export projects at WorldSteel Group, especially in Thailand. This is the clearest evidence for the increasingly strong development of WorldSteel Group.

By the production capacity of the factory, of highly qualified personnel along with advanced production equipment, applying modern scientific technology, WorldSteel has brought a lot of partners at home and abroad steel structure products with perfect quality.

And in this TPLAS project, WorldSteel has mobilized huge human resources to be able to complete on schedule as required by partners. At the same time, the quality of each steel structure product is also at the highest level to provide optimal use efficiency for factory construction works.

The long-term plan in the coming years of WorldSteel Group is to cover the whole country with constructions of warehouses, factories, workshops, etc. and moreover, to bring the product named WorldSteel Group steel structure to foreign markets, especially demanding markets such as the US, Australia, the UK, France,…


In the field of trade, Thailand is one of Vietnam’s important partners as well as Vietnam is one of Thailand’s major trading partners in Asia. Two-way trade turnover between Vietnam and Thailand is constantly increasing over time.

On the basis of relations between the two countries continue to be strengthened and developed smoothly, not only in terms of steel structure, Vietnam and Thailand have good cooperation in areas such as rice, rubber, seafood,…


Project TPLAS – Thailand
Field  Industry
Scope of work Manufacture and transport of steel structures
Country Thailand