The steel structures are manufactured and fabricated in accordance with ISO standards, then baled in containers and transported by sea in accordance with the process.

Structural steel products exported to Guam are manufactured and completed by World Steel at the end of September 2019. Products receive very good feedback from partners, achieve quality standards.

Guam Island is a well-located island in the Western Pacific Ocean, the largest island of Micronesi. Guam Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, especially the buildings and structures with unique and solid architecture.World Steel’s export of bulk steel structures to Guam is the clearest evidence that World Steel’s steel structure quality can fully meet the most stringent standards of foreign markets.

It can be seen, producing and exporting steel structures to the American market, namely Guam Island is one of the major steps of World Steel in the field of steel structure. With many years of experience in the field of steel structure design, manufacture and erection, each steel structure product is precisely machined to meet the high demands of partners, thereby gradually creating trust for the most demanding partners.


Project UR Warehouse project
Field  Industry
Scope of work Manufacture and transport of steel structures
Country Guam Island