Visakha Bucha Day – Thailand

There are a number of important Buddhist holidays throughout the year, but the most significant in Thailand is Visakha Bucha Day. This day is set according to the lunar calendar, this year it takes place on May 6th.

There are many unique activities taking place on this day, such as practicing meditation, offering foods to the monks and novices, listening to the Dhamma preaching, and the most unique are the candle-lit processions take place at major temples throughout the country. Each year they light thousands of lamps and candles around the temples, making it a truly warm scene. This most sacred celebration will be completed in a warm atmosphere with gentle light from candles, bringing extremely beautiful and warm scenery.
Visaka Bucha day is a traditional holiday on which the Thai Buddhists, and in general Buddhists from all over the world. Hopefully, on this occasion, people and tourists to Thailand will pay attention to the safety to protect themselves and society from the Covid-19 epidemic.

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